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AK papers – preview

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  • Burtscher Eugen, Suntinger Anton: Applied Kinesiology and the Triple Heater (AK and TH) (1999)
  • Frost Robert: Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing. How to determine in advance which medicine will work best for a specific patient
  • Frost Robert: Arthritis and Rheumatism. Is a natural cure possible?
  • Frost Robert: A Change In World View: From Newtonian Concepts To Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory
  • Frost Robert: Conflict Resolution
  • Frost Robert: Psychological Causes of Muscle Imbalances
  • Frost Robert: Biological Medicine and the Systems of Regulation
  • Gates Tracy: Colour Therapy and its uses in AK
  • Gates Tracy: Hair Analysis and its uses
  • Gates Tracy: Issues of Hypertonicity in the Treatment of Children
  • Gates Tracy: Antioxidative Therapy
  • Gates Tracy, Gerz Wolfgang: Significance of Whole Blood Mineral Analysis compared to Serum Analysis (2000)
  • Gates Tracy, Gerz Wolfgang: Histamine and AK (2000)
  • Gates Tracy, Gerz Wolfgang: What is Histamine? (2000)
  • Gerz Wolfgang, Gates Tracy: Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) (2000)
  • Gerz Wolfgang, Farkas Jeff: From Superchallenge to Modern Allergy, Focus and Medicine Testing (ca. 1993)
  • Gerz Wolfgang, Leaf David: Acid/Alkaline. Terminology and Physiology in AK (1998)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: The Future of ICAK: Interdisciplinary exchange and acceptance (1990)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: This is AK (1995)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Functional Neurologic Disorganisation – Therapeutic Switching (1997)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: „Rebound“ Challenge (ca. 1998)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Working with Homeopathic Preparations in AK (2000)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Switching, Stress, Muscular Hypertonicity, Fire Element, Central and Governing Vessels – New Aspects for an integrating overview (2000)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Updating the testing of Watches, Rings and other Jewelry (URS) (2000)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Copper – diagnostic and therapeutic considerations using Applied Kinesiology (AK) (2000)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Diagnosis and Therapy of Allergo-Toxic Syndromes due to Heavy Metals by the Example of Mercury/Amalgam (2005)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Vitamine D – New development and AK (2005)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: AK and the Histamine Problem (2007)
  • Gerz Wolfgang: Let’s speak English Part II (ca.1997)
  • Heine H. Rimpler M.: The Ground-Regulation System (GRS) of the Human Body (1997)
  • Kare Morley R.: Direct Pathway to the Brain (Science, Vol. 163, 1969)
  • Lindley-Jones Clive: Applied Kinesiology and the Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
  • Lindley-Jones Clive: Further thoughts on shoulder dsysfunction. The Sternoclavicular Fixation.
  • Lindley-Jones Clive: Applied Kinesiology and the Thoracic Outlet Syndromes
  • Schmidhofer Robert: Knee and Allergy
  • Tamaki K. et al: The Relationship between the Jaw Position and Systemic Diseases, I, II (1996)

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